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It is my first time of using Java framework.

This project is a Single Page Application that displays TV shows and movies, which looks like Netflix.

It consists of 4 menus. First, Home menu which shows all data from JSON file. Second, TV shows menu, which fetches to filtered data that matches TV shows in data field. AND the movies menu, it shows movie data. Last one is my list menu that shows the selected data by user.

By clicking, the items are toggled. Also, it is a responsive page according to user’s monitor size by using flex.

Hierarchical structure is Grandparent(App.js), Parents(Home.js, TVShow.js, Movies.js) and Grandchild(Movie.js)

Time consuming parts was handling update(PATCH vs PUT), third party library(semantic-ui-react) and build.

Consideration: handling json file from ordinary web server and build and deploy method