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World-Covid-Staus CLI App is programmed by Ruby and is to show current status of Covid-19 by country. It is to scrape data from “"

Scraping HTML Using Nokogiri and Open-URI

It searches the corresponding table from the end point and scrapes table id main_table_countries_today

World-Covid-Status CLI Structure

├── bin
│ └── world-covid-status
├── config
│ └── environment.rb
├── db

It is my first time of using Java framework.

This project is a Single Page Application that displays TV shows and movies, which looks like Netflix.

It consists of 4 menus. First, Home menu which shows all data from JSON file. Second, TV shows menu, which fetches to filtered data that matches TV shows in data field. AND the movies menu, it shows movie data. Last one is my list menu that shows the selected data by user.

By clicking, the items are toggled. Also, it is a responsive page according to user’s monitor size by using flex.

Hierarchical structure is Grandparent(App.js), Parents(Home.js, TVShow.js, Movies.js) and Grandchild(Movie.js)

Time consuming parts was handling update(PATCH vs PUT), third party library(semantic-ui-react) and build.

Consideration: handling json file from ordinary web server and build and deploy method

This is the 2nd project at AcademyXi.

It is a single page application of music service to customize user’s playlist.

In this page, user can search by artist and select his favorite album in his playlist and deselect when user doesn’t want to keep it.

In JS, DOM node handling, fetch JSON for public API are used.

In CSS, flex and bootstrap are used.

The huddle that I encountered was handling multi level JSON.

The JSON file format that the public API provider supplied was not quite meaningful so I spent some time to understand the structure. Thanks to my colleagues help-Thomas, Justin, I solve the problem.

1)What went well? Key Learning.

Rather than using old skills like onclick, mousevoer, I chose hover(not new skill though) and DOM(addEventlistner, etc)

2)What could have been improved?

Linux Command Line, Git, CSS skills especially id, class, a bit of DOM, version control by Git

3) The key take aways.

I am familiar with HTML but CSS, javascript and handing git are weak. This session and project make me little bit confident on them.

4) The process you followed?

  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Logical problem analysis
  • Googling for reference
  • Debugging

Bit late but I hope that it is not really late.

Re-train myself for the next 20 years!!

Jae Chung

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